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       The Executive Yuan worked on the「Twelve Projects Construction」in 1979, Cultural-construction is the one of them. We deeply appreciated to understand that the culture is the county basic foundation, also an anticipatory action to the people's spiritual life and mental construction, In July, 1980, we started convening craftsmen to build the「Nantou County Cultural Center」as base for culture promotion, and officially opened it on December 25, 1982, became the first one inaugurated Cultural Center in Taiwan. In May, 1987 we guided the「Bamboo Museum」enabling to be the first one local museum in Taiwan, In December, 1997 we repaired the historical buildings-「Wu De Dian」 to be the 「Cultural Park」, In July, 2000 restructured it to be the「Nantou County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau」,In November, 2005 in order to expand services to the love-reading people and build a scholarly fortress, we moved the Library to the Zhongxing Road zone, In December, 2006, completed the「Hushan Art Museum」construction ready, In July, 2008 the「Hakka Affairs Division」from the County Government compiled into our organization, the Culture Bureau scale is increasing day by day and service functions to be more perfect, become the Arts and Cultures development center in Nantou County.
  Cultural cultivation works are invisible, and benefits will be coming in the future. Construct aesthetic environment and create reading passion, promote Nantou County literature, penetrating into community culture, to develop cultural and creative industries, preserve cultural assets for inheriting and shape Nantou Hakka cultural characteristics, shall be this Bureau work policy priorities, hoping that the Culture rooted into the grassroots and penetrated into their lives, to build Nantou local cultural features, rich Nantou cultural life.